legal person Agent Registration Request Form

Please check out the menitioned register conditions at the bottom of this page

Company Informations

aditional data

registeration conditions

۱ – Complete the registration form through the website.

۲ – having a minimum age of 28 years

۳ –  The applicant must be prohibited in transactions is

۴٫ Print function having good reputation and confirmed bank account

۵ – possessing formal ownership or lease

۶ – having an operating license (license from the Union) and the articles of association or a company registration

۷ – Having coding and valid certificate of added value in relation to legal persons

NOTE: All registered applicants received information quickly and within a month the future and thus being written

Announced. It is recommended that copies of documents after the initial approval and the results of the company by registered mail

Sent. Participation in the Plenipotentiary is rejected