about us


Rahdar Sanat Keyhan Production and Industrial Factory started work in 2005 in Ivanaki industrial town in a land of 3360 meters in order to produce elastic and fireproof elastic profile, wire, and cable utilizing co-extrusion machinery and European technics and technical knowledge of raw material from Germany. Through attracting experienced and proficient work force, this company succeeded in presenting Iran industrial market with productions equal to latest technologies of the world in the field of aerospace, construction, electronics, medicine and food, home appliances, vehicles, rails and military industries.

Also in 2007, in order to compete with a similar foreign company, the company performed corrective actions to improve product quality among which execution of ISO 9001-2008 management standard in all parts of the factory and increasing product quality close to that of similar European products can be mentioned. Also in 2011 the company obtained CE from Europe’s G2S Company. The experienced, able experts of the company have started presenting the products in international markets and have taken effective steps towards export to world market.

Among unique achievements of this company’s research and development experts in 2007, is wire and cable with a thermal range of 50-1100 with the commercial name of Thermostabe which has responded to the country’s demand in hard temperature conditions.

Other achievements of this company were accomplished during 2012-2013 through which rubber silicon insulation with improved mechanical properties can be used in temperature range of 50/200ºC named Silicable X2 and range of 50/300ºC named Silicable X3.